Enrique Corradi

Enrique Corradi was born in Rome in January 1997.

He began acting in middle school by filming sketches with his friends. Having finished high school in 2017, together with Dario Riggio he began to study acting techniques as a private practitioner, increasing his interest in the field even further.

In 2019 he enrolled in the “Accademia Artisti” for a 2-year academic period ending in 2021, delving even further into acting techniques and arts studies. Curious to explore a filming set, he participates as a figurant in “Outside Night” shot by Marco Bellocchio and in the series “Bangla”.

He later joined a theater workshop at the “Octopus Factory” where together with the company he performed in “Twelfth Night” by Shakespare, and “Sarto per signora” (Tailleur pour dames) by Feydeau.

Enrique continues to enrich his artistic spirit and in 2024 he joins he “Thiaso” theater company as an actor.

Enrique Corradi